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Venture through the darkest hours of modern Korea's history

In this 2D Point and Click Adventure

Unfolded : Camellia Tales is a 2D Point & Click Adventure game based on the modern history of Korea.

Set on Jeju Island in the late 1940s, the game covers a story of a massacre on a peaceful island and Herman and his friends' struggle to survive. 

Meet the islanders. Talk to your family, friends, villagers, and survivors hiding in the cave.

find out how to help them.

Use your wits. Combine items and use them to your advantage.

Write your journal. Pass your memories and thoughts to future generations.

Experience Herman's coming-of-age story dotted with tragedy, humor, and poetry.

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  • Explore the villages, wilderness, and temples of Jeju Island, all drawn with the beautiful hand-drawn art style.

  • Follow the coming-of-age journey of an adorkable protagonist with both funny and sad moments.

  • Meet the cast of interesting supporting characters with each their own issues and requests.

  • Solve mind-boggling puzzles inspired by folklore and traditions of Jeju Island.

  • Consult your journal to get insight to solve difficult puzzles if you get stuck.

  • Play 4 different chapters with each unique background and gameplay mechanics.

  • Examine things around you and fill the journal's empty pages with thoughts and sketches.

  • Check historical facts with in-game Historypedia. 

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